Installing Bathroom Wall Tile – Preparation measure the area of wall that needs to be covered with tiles and check for any holes in the wall and patch them up. It is advised that you employ a cement backer board.

They are half inch thick and come in sizes of 5X8 feet length and width. Choose the appropriate backer board and install them using drilling machine and screws.installing Bathroom Wall Tile - Working on the Layout Find out the middle of the wall with the help of the measurements taken before.

Installing Bathroom Wall Tile - Installation of Tiles Start from the center line and apply coat of adhesive with aid from the smooth side of a coarse side of spade. Use the flat side of the spade to spread the adhesive. Work in sections while trying the adhesive to the backer board. Fix the 1st tile at the middle of the layout in a twisted motion to ensure that it has adhered properly. Similarly place remaining tiles on the backer board. Place the tile spacers after installing each tile so the width of the grout line between the tiles will be consistent. At the ends of the walls, you'll have to chop the tiles so they fit into the layout. Employ a tile cutter for the same and employ a higher grit sandpaper to smoothen the perimeters. Leave the adhesive for an overnite to dry.

Installing bathroom Wall Tile - Grouting When you are done with installation of rest room tiles, commence with the grouting. Choose a grout that is suitable for the grout width of the tiles. For grout width more than 1 / 8 inches sanded grout is utilized, else unsanded grout is utilized. Prepare the grout according to the manufacturer's direction and take out all the tile spacers. Make sure that the grout you are using is water resistant. With help from a rubber float, apply the grout between the tiles using a diagonal motion to the grout lines. See that you apply grout thoroughly and the grout has reached the base of the spaces. Rub out the extra grout with assistance from a wet sponge. Leave the grout to dry and clean the surface with a wet material delicately, to remove any grout remains on the tile. The grout should get left for one more day and check out for any grout marks.

You can also apply a grout sealer if you want to, after a week of installation. Now that you understand how to tile bathroom wall, you can re-tile your toilet and enhance your toilet decor. Accuracy and proper layout are the two basic wishes when installing rest room wall tiles correctly.