Your living room will be a place for family or friends to sit and visit, so that room needs a special effort to create a comfortable harmonious environment.  Usually this is the first room you see upon entering

your home, it is also a room that must show well and in most cases carry more than one function such as a playroom, office and even a dining room. To arrange furniture and create a living room that fits your lifestyle you will need to follow few directions. You need  to understand  a lot of aspects before starting to rearrange your living room and for this a few tips are mentioned below

Placement of Furniture

A helpful tool we found for arranging furniture pieces without lifting a finger were these cardboard furniture templates and grid. Furniture arrangements should have a purpose like activity areas should be reflected and distinguishable in each area of your room. A small room should have at least one conversational area, while larger rooms may incorporate additional furniture groupings.  According to thumb rule says that at least six people should be able to sit comfortably in living room.

Placement of your living room furniture should center around a focal point which may be an entertainment center, fireplace or large window.  After selecting your focal point, group your furniture around it, being sure to take the size of your space into consideration.  If you are living in a small space you may only need a sofa, arm chair and a few end tables.  Larger spaces may include coffee tables a few more chairs and a larger sofa.

Don't feel it is necessary to go out and buy all new pieces of furniture when you decorate. If you have a sofa in good functional condition, you can use one of the many styles of slipcovers available, pre-made for standardized sofas, chairs and loveseats. Throw pillows are also another decorating option.


Use area rugs to define seating areas. If you are dealing with a large room that has multiple seating areas, this will help characterize each area while tying together the scheme.  Rugs are also useful for covering up unattractive carpeting or floors!

The lighter, neutral shades of walls generally found in rental buildings are actually a benefit. This color scheme leaves room for selecting furniture in basically any color, scheme or style.