Not having a yard certainly doesn't preclude anyone from having a garden. Maintaining such gardens is not just décor element for houses, its developed into serious hobbies of home makers.

People have started getting organic supply by just putting little efforts. Different people have stated using these gardens for vegetable or herb growth and have also used it for reading and coffee or family time space.

Weather Conditions

To ensure you are buying and growing plants that are suited to your particular weather zone, look no further than your local plant shop: they won't stock anything that won't survive in your weather conditions (or they shouldn't). Make sure that you are purchasing plants that are intended to go outside. Also consider the number of hours & quantity of light available in that space..

Orange plant for small gardens

Generally, it's nice to have a mix of perinials & annual plants in the balconygardens. That way you can enjoy annuals such as more delicate fresh herbs, like basil, summertime flowers, and even maybe some veggies. But including some perennials as well opens the possibility for some green even during gloomy winter months and also allows for larger plants to fill in your space since they will continue to grow year after year.

Wooden Flower Pot

When choosing containers, in addition to considering appearance, also take into account what the containers are made of and their drainage. Pots made of porous material, such as terra cotta, offer better drainage than plastic pots, which don't allow any water to escape from the soil itself. Drainage holes are also a good idea in order to help guard against root rot and over-watering. Putting saucers under drainage holes prevents water from running onto your patio and from spilling down off your balcony.

Decorative Colored Elements of Garden

To understand all these answers we visited to Go green nursery located at many corners of Mumbai. And we discovered many interesting concepts and ideas to inspire from.

Balcony gardens can be intimate, manageable, useful, and absolutely stunning.