Design Festivals recently are the most interesting happenings in India. ADI – Association of Designers of India has been created to forge a strong network of designer community across India.

ADI's vision is to be a world class network representing professional interests of Indian Design community, creating a meaningful interface between design professionals, people as users, the industry, education institutions and the policy makers. ADI is increasing awareness of 'Good Design' amongst the people and industry, throughout reach programs, events, publications and installations. Every year they conduct an annual event called Pune Design Festival.

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“Pune Design Festival, is not just a landmark event on the national design calendar, it has become the flagship event of India based Design community.”

What makes the Pune Design Festival 2015 different?

The Association of Designers of India (ADI) presented the 9th Pune Design Festival. This year’s theme, ‘Connections’ was celebrated with evolving interpretations of design. Connections are not just about the network of people. They are also about the deeper linkages of mind and soul; and of creativity and passion. They are also about forging the links between past, present and future.Pune Design Festival aims to connect the dots, as they look at how Design connects with Technology, Industry, Manufacturing and Education.

Pune Design Festival 2015

Speakers at PDF 15

22 speakers & 1 moderator were the content of the 2 days festival held on 6th & 7th Feb at Le Meridian, Pune. I would like to share about few speakers, whom I found very interesting -.

Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma

Associate Professor, Industrial design, Virginia Tech.

Akshay Sharma, an Associate Professor, is passionate about creating thin interfaces in analogue as well as digital media and about using design as a catalyst for the empowerment of women.

At PDF 15, Akshay conducted a workshop of Autodesk – Fusion 360. Many students and professions were a part of the same. He explained the process and limitless conceptualization that can be done by using this software. He compared it well with clay modeling done by hands.

Neeraj Kakkar

Neeraj Kakkar

CEO, Hector Beverages

Neeraj is co-founder and CEO of Hector Beverages, the makers of Paper Boat drinks, traditional Indian beverages. Their other brand is Tzinga Energy Drink, the second largest selling energy drink in India. Hector Beverages is one of the fastest growing FMCG company in India. At PDF 15, he shared his story and inspiration and how he cracked to fine his purple carrots.

With so many interesting people/inspirational stories and so much more to know, it’s true to say that PDF 15 is amazing and well coordinated program. Lectures, workshops and insights by renowned designers, design thinkers and design evangelists from diverse domains; discussions, one-on-ones, networking and cultural exchanges were all the part of the two-day festivities – the 9th Pune Design Festival helped create, collaborate and celebrate good design.

Bhagyashree Patwardhan

Founder/Creative Director, PaperBoat Collective

At PDF 15, Bhagyashree gave light on her journey of art and design and expanding herself to different versions of same. And how she finally ended up giving birth to Paper Boat Collective. It has a simple philosophy- handcrafted, limited edition, natural and Indian. The collections in the store are based on an intrinsic ability to understand a need and depict a theme. An aesthetic that is clean and simple, stylised and sophisticated that allows a product to have its place and not get over shadowed or crowded by another.

Sunand Bhattacharya

Global Education Strategist, Autodesk

Autodesk was the platinum sponsor for PDF 15. We are glad to have Mr. Sunand who showed us the limitless software and design tools available for all kinds of designers. He also shared the possibilities and expansions which Autodesk is creating to connect with the professionals and students. He was a fellow member with Akshay for the Fusion 360 workshop.