olour of the molten sun, fall leaves, the richest amber, the ripest fruit. An orange of a deep, dense hue. With none of the ferocity of red but all its passion, none of the casualness of yellow but all its cheer. Its inherent goodwill and warm embrace imbue it with an irresistible galvanizing effect. In an instant, you are awake. It accentuates and enhances – glamorizing an already sophisticated black, contemporizing grey, tangoing perfectly with blue.

As a dominant shade it has enormous longevity, never tiring the senses, enriching and soothing. Such positivity makes it the perfect colour expression for this years’ Colour Next, dominated as it is by action oriented themes, each one essentially about progression, about moving on and forward where determined action yields concrete results. Through each theme we witness the emergence of a new, driven individual, no longer mutely accepting of the status quo but taking charge: in civic matters, entrepreneurship, challenging a heavily corporatized world or colouring urban grayness with irrepressible individual spirit and hum our.

We are getting up, talking less and doing more - we are creating, moving, building - an Indian ethos is being crystallized. With its immediately rejuvenating and invigorating effect orange is the perfect fuel. Like all things dynamic, orange is versatile. Tone down the red and sorbet freshness emerges with a youthful energy - a sprightly, fun step. A deeper hue gives it a more sophisticated feel, the warmth of a more mature fire. And its vividness, its bright sun, make it such an Indian colour. So Asian paints Welcomes its Colour of the Year. Let its positive spirit awaken and energize.

 Mood Set up of Theme 'Start Up'

“Any time is a good time to start a company”, said noted start up investor Ron Conway and it couldn’t be truer now. People are more willing to take that big risk, responding to a world suddenly bursting with conditions favourable for entrepreneurship: high technology, intense connectivity, the spirit of collaboration, the growing acceptance of less conventional professions. So, the erstwhile housewife baking a cake is now helming a catering business, young software engineers are following their instincts, building businesses around everything from terrace gardening to dog training.

Self-confidence, courage and zeal is what drives them, a willingness to plunge into the unknown, a constant initiation into a life of exploration - of the self, new experiences, the possibility of failure, the incomparable thrill of success. It is through these doers and their every innovation big or small that the rest of us experience the wonders of a forever shape shifting world.

It is not surprising that this trend would impact todays’ design language with its overtones of spirited individuality. The ideas of innovation, independence and quirkiness influence spaces and the way colours are used. This is a space in flux, shaped and added to as and when materials come by. Look for cool, unpretentious design statements. Everything is put to good use - whatever is available at hand to furnish and to decorate, and the end result is imaginative, surprising, intelligent and fun.

  Interior Set Up for the Theme 'Start Up' (Outside)'

This is a dynamic, provocative and sophisticated palette designed to quicken the senses and kick start the creative juices. A bold interplay between smart neutrals and sophisticated patterns holds the palette giving it depth, offset by fresh mint greens, blues with dark indigo and neon trims. The palette is energetically supported by bright and lively accents of oranges, yellows and reds. It is the most amazing set up with high energy. Any one and every one in today’s world want to develop something unique and go ahead to create a business out of it. This theme is for all upcoming and starts up stage people & the kind of décor and color scheme they expect.