Dexter Fernandes


Sitting in our canteen in college three and a half years ago building castles in the air we had often talked about opening a company together one day in future. Now we wondered if that particular castle could be given a foundation. Did we dare? We did dare. We gave up our jobs and Uneven our own architectural firm was born.Uneven coz we as individuals are very different. Our work too is poles-apart, each has his own distinct features. We are the perfect combination because we complement each other. Having our own company also gave us the opportunity to explore areas other than architecture. Shourya had already tried his hand at set designing when he worked for a while with noted art director Sameer Chanda. His stint there brought us our next movie project.

Firm name : Uneven
Principle Architecter : Shourya Patel & Dexter Fernandes