Rent An Art for your Interior Decor

Now you can adorn your impeccable rooms by renting your favorite art. Yes you heard it right. You can rent work of paint and sculpture by proficient upcoming and established artists.

H&D team caught up with Jayesh Soni the brain behind, an online art gallery which rents the artwork rather then sell it.

“Original art is rare and usually costs an astronomical sum of money, by renting these artworks out, we hope to make art affordable to posses. Renting an art serves dual purpose i.e by making it affordable, we reach out to a wider audience and the upcoming artists work too gets noticed.”

Rentnart on rent

Presently has 250 paintings and six sculptures available for rent purposes, sculptures and paintings from artists like Umesh Dhote, Shweta Chavan and Shailesh Shinde among them. “Rentnart is expansive.

Anyone interested in renting out their artwork can approach us and we will help them rent it out,” says Soni, who has already got deluged with enquiries from individuals and corporates alike within just 15 days of his startup.

Rent an Art
The minimum rental period is three months. However, there is no limitation on the number of months one can keep them. The online gallery also offers services of professional handlers who install the paintings for free.

Also, for a small consultation fee, you can hire an expert or artist to visit your office to take photographs, measurements and sample colours of your space to cater the art according to your decor.

What more also has paintings to compliment your homes and office’s Vaastu requirements too.

Jayesh SoniSoni feels that that there is a demand for such a venture in today’s Indian market. He says, “This is a year long business, not dependent on festivals. After all, people are always on the lookout for good art that can be put up on their walls.” Jayesh Soni can be reached on Cell: 996 736 1225.