Bathroom Lighting Design

Bathroom lighting design is one of most important portion in bathroom décor especially when you are upgrading it or redesigning it as too much lighting can affect whether you apply makeup correctly and will magnify every minor flaw, while too little can make


You miss the important things during grooming and dressing. Whether you are just updating your lighting fixtures or remodeling from ceiling-to-floor, it's important to consider the three types of fixtures and how to incorporate them into your bathroom decor.

If you are looking towards general illumination in your bathroom many options are available  -- from flush mount to chandeliers to recessed lighting. The right ceiling mount fixtures can add a chic and modern touch to a bathroom. For a more elegant look, a small chandelier embellished with crystal can add a rich, sophisticated aura, while recessed lighting is a great way to add a modern, bright look.

For task-orientated illumination, consider vanity light fixtures. Generally hung over large mirrors and bath vanity cabinets, these task-specific lights are the workhorses of bathroom light design. They provide the illumination to take care of your personal care from shaving to combing your hair and are versatile enough to suit most decors.

Sconces make great accent lighting, as well add extra light to a dark space, make a favorite picture the focal point, as well as create soft visual effects for your bathroom lighting design.

Good bathroom lighting design is as important as choosing the right flooring or bath vanity cabinet. Bathroom lighting should be bright and uniform, minimizing glare and shadows. Using all three lighting types is a good way to make sure your design meets those goals.