Decor your bathroom with Stylish upholstery

Bathroom plays an important role in decor of a home and to decorate it you have a wide range of such products. The range of items such as lotion bottle, soap dish, toilet roll holder, tissue box cover and sometimes towels and shower curtain they all sum up to the decor of your bathroom along with your tiles, toilet seat covers, bathtubs etc..

If you select a great set it will give you a starting point for decorating your bathroom with style and, with the guidelines below, you should have a beautiful bathroom in no time.

Select a Bathroom Set : To begin with you need to choose a bathroom set which goes well with the fittings, tiles and furniture already in your bathroom. You will probably find it easier to decorate your bathroom if there are coordinating items such as embellished shower curtains or towels in the range so choose one containing these items if you can. If the set doesn't contain a shower curtain shop for both items together to make sure they complement each other.

Paint : If the set that you chose has a pattern on it, take one of the light colors from your bathroom set or shower curtain and use it to select paint for the bathroom walls. If your bathroom set and shower curtain are plain simply choose a coordinating color. Choose your paint with the aid of paint color charts or take one of the items with you when you go shopping for paint. Also make sure that the color that you choose is such that reflects light so that your bathroom doesn’t appear gloomy or dull.

Window Treatment : Treat the windows of your bathroom with good blinds or curtains. If everything in the bathroom is plain choose a coordinating patterned blind or curtain for your windows. If you have a patterned shower curtain or accessories plain window treatments would be best.

Towels and Rugs : Choose soft fluffy towels and a bath rug in a slightly deeper shade than one of the plain colors you have used in your bathroom to add some richness and depth of color.

Add Accessories : Add the items from your bathroom set and you can give it a personal touch by adding a few additional items of your own, but do think about the size of the bathroom before doing this. You don't want it to look cluttered and often "less is more" but you don't want to have just your matching items either. That would look too contrived. A green plant or two, a colored vase or a couple of bottles of bath oil and a picture for the walls is probably enough in a small room.