Bathrooms Timeless Styles for Vanity Units

Vanities completely add a new look to the bathrooms of today. In this article we describe the different styles of units for you to choose from and the various materials used for making them.

 There is a huge choice of units available in a variety of styles. This is a great way to give your bathroom a completely fresh new look. The variety in different styles is appropriate to meet with your particular needs and specifications.

Your Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Earlier , bathrooms used to have medicine cabinets only, but the modern vanity sets come with a plethora of stylish features, such as pull out trash cans, and door racks for hair driers. Not only that even drawers come with inserts for storing make up, among other features.

Bathroom vanity

The contemporary vanities and cabinets emphasize on keeping the counter top free of all the usual clutter in the bathroom. This helps in maintaining a fresh look in your bathroom. They are a great way to store various bathroom accessories, such as towels, rugs, and similar items in them.

The Variety in Vanities, Further Bathroom Decorating Ideas

One major advantage of installing a vanity in your bathroom is to increase your available storage space, and at the same time cover up all types of pipes – whether supply or waste – that run through it.

Most vanities for bathrooms available today are made from Medium Density Fiber (MDF) board – either foil wrapped MDF board, or veneered MDF board. Care needs to be taken in the case of vanities made from MDF board, by wiping off the excess water that happens to gather on it. This despite the fact that such MDF boards are splash proof, as water getting into the core of the MDF board will damage it.

Vanities in your bathroom could be the freestanding stand alone type, with vanity basins fitted on top of them. These are full depth units and would take up a lot of bathroom space, unless yours is a big sized bathroom. They help in storing large amount of stuff making bathroom looking neat and clean.

The designs includes units with vanity basin, either sitting in the unit, or on top of the unit. In certain designs, the basin itself forms the top of the vanity unit, with the storage space beneath.

The different units have different styles of basins to meet with your requirements, and could be made from china, acrylic, glass or even stainless steel.

You can also arrange to have your bathroom vanity unit match with the remaining items in the bathroom, such as the bath panels, toilet seat, and other bathroom furniture. In such a case, it would be best to source all the above requirements from the same manufacturer, to ensure color consistency.

The style and the design of the vanity unit will depend on the size of your bathroom. Certain styles are large and, though to your liking, may not be able to fit into your small or medium sized bathroom. They could take up a lot of your floor space, though they may be able to offer you a large storage space.

Custom Made Vanities

To give your bathroom a great and a brand new look, you can arrange to have your vanities custom made to have an appropriate fit. Bath furniture, bathroom faucets, basins, grab rails, mirrors, and all such items are encompassed by the term ‘bathroom vanities’. You can take a look at the many styles and designs in vanities available from online suppliers, and down size, or up size them to fit into your bathroom.

Quite a few people opt for vanities made of wood. Such units can be made of laminated wood, to avoid water damage. Traditionalists prefer wood, and the sets, painted in the colors of your choice, or polished, bring out the best of your bathroom.

You can further add to the style of your bathroom with stone vanity units. Natural stone will provide the timeless style, and the synergy of its strength and beauty – the lasting endurance. Bathrooms made of stone will stand the test of time and remain as beautiful as the day on which they were purchased.

Custom made vanity units made from wood can create a charming historic look of the Victorian times. The old style can also provide a perfect blend of the Victorian times and the later period home designs. You can have your vanity designed in the style of the old European homes, from the wood reclaimed from old barns, boats, or even bridges that could be as old as 200 to 300 years!

For the countertops, you can select from a variety of materials, such as china, marble, limestone, among others. Manufacturers who will help create such old world charm in your bathroom, will have your bathroom vanity units chemically treated to avoid warping in the moist bathroom conditions.