Accessorizing your Bathroom – More Than Soap and Sponges

Bathrooms, washrooms or water closet no longer remain a palce where u just go to finish your business .It has become more like a spa or a place to go and get away from everyone then just a utilitarian space

to brush your teeth or clean up or, well, you know. As such more and more people have been giving a long hard look at their bath spaces and realizing that the 50’s tile and boring hardware just isn’t cutting it for them anymore.

Reforming your bathroom by using high end accessories and completely changing layout can be quite expensive.But there are some things you can do without major changes to redress this space and make it your own.

I’m talking about bathroom design furniture and accessorizing of course!

Tub, Tiles, Toilet : A First Inventory.

First take inventory – if you have a basic 5×10 space with blue tile and white tub and toilet you may be a little limited to how much changes you can make, but odds are you can still make a world of difference without replacing anything major.

Soap and Sponges

For instance the often unnoticed towel, toilet paper and soap racks that litter your wall space – have you really looked at them?  Do so for a moment: do you like what you see or do you just shrug and think “yeah well, that works I guess”?  If the later then big improvements can be made for just a few dollars and using nothing more then a screw and hex driver!

Most modern-day home supply stores have a variety of styles and materials of fixtures for bathrooms.  Changing out an old 70’s style square chromed tube holder for one with white porcelain end caps and polished or satin nickel finishes can change the entire feeling of a room and can be done in a day easily even on a modest budget.

Ideas for Replacing the Existing Fixture:

Changing out all existing fixtures and perhaps adding a few that hadn’t been thought of previously such as razor-trays or heated towel racks can update a space and add a nice visual touch at the same time.  Many unusual products like shaving cream heaters and floating glass shelves are also available to add storage as well as visual appeal – and anything that gets that counter space free in the bath is a good thing!

Example of a modern faucet

Speaking of mirrors, counters most bathrooms have sinks that have seen their better days.  Often it’s too expensive to replace the entire countertop or the sink but a new sink fixture to match the new hardware surrounding it is normally easy to accomplish and if you have water cut-offs can typically be done by a handyman without having to pull out the checkbook and call a plumber.

Adding a water filter at this time can also add a lot to the safety aspects of your bath – and consider using a kitchen-style ‘pull out’ sprayer facet to help you wash your hair in the sink or rinse down all those pesky nose hairs and shaving debris your roommate keeps complaining about!

Of course we’re talking accessories here and not major remodel, so besides the bling and the toys and new fixtures what else can we really do to change the feel of a ‘washroom’?

Also what about the bathroom wished you had changed them ages ago???

They simply are just there – functional and quiet … but what if you could add a touch of color and class?  Have you ever considered what red satin with fringes or even stained-glass sliding panels surrounded by velveteen-looking curtains would look like?  You can do that you know – a quick trip to the hardware store and a few hours can work wonders on a bath area and help to set the tone for an entire room.

One needed break the bank or get involved in major projects though – simply choosing different colored towels and a few strategic bits of artwork can work wonders as well.  Change out those old tired rugs and take off the toilet seat cover – maybe replace it with an industrial based design or one with inlaid mother of pearl.

The sky really is the limit … and when it comes to a room that you may have to share but never at the same time it just makes sense to make it your own.  Go ahead … indulge a little!