Go- Green For your bedroom

From the food we eat to the cars we drive, the world is going "green" to save the Earth as well as our own health.

Many of us are beginning to ask, “What more can I do?” Promoting an Earth-friendly lifestyle can extend to every room of our home, even the bedroom with a green makeover. It's easy to use green decorating elements to create a serenely green bedroom. Decorating "green" is good for the

Environment and the homeowner. Decorating "green" in the bedroom creates a sense of well-being and contributes to the quality of our world.

Our bedrooms are the place we use to relax our minds and cultivate serenity. On average, we spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedroom. This rejuvenation cycle that sleep is intended to help can actually be altered by our very own beds. As we spend hours every night sleeping, we might be in direct contact with harmful chemicals and toxins that are manufactured into almost every product in our home.

Using "green" decorating techniques in the bedroom is an important step toward saving the planet and benefiting our own health. Changes can be made, big and small, to begin making a difference in our own homes.

Going Organic reduces inhaled toxins as well as toxins released into the environment. Organic products are produced from natural ingredients that are grown, harvested, and manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides or any other man made products.

We can use organic materials in our bedrooms in the following ways.

1. Organic flooring is available in natural wood and stone and organic wool carpeting. Organic flooring builds the ideal base for an eco-green room.

2. An organic mattress is usually made of organic cotton or wool. Organic mattresses are manufactured to be fire-safe alternatives to chemical-soaked foam mattresses.

3. Organic bedding materials make toxin-free and even luxurious bed dressings. Organic cotton is easy to find. Bamboo fabric is a luxury material made from the quickly rejuvenating plant. Organic bedding is becoming a popular trend, and sheet sets are available at major retailers.

4. Organic paints can drastically reduce the amount of toxic inhalants in your home. Organic paints are toxin-free and made with bases of milk protein, lime, or soy and are pigmented with concentrated clays and minerals to achieve a vast array of rich hues.

5. Organic and non-toxic cleaners like Seventh Generation and Method are available in store-bought or homemade options and are a safe way to get a sparkling clean bedroom.

6. Organic clothing is becoming a popular fashion choice, and organic cotton, wool, linen, and even bamboo clothing filling up your bedroom closet is a chic, eco-friendly choice.

To further add an organic touch to your bedroom , use organic materials and paints to decorate in shades of green to soothe the mind and bring the hues of nature into your room, reminding you of the eco-green sanctuary you have created for yourself and Mother Nature.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in your bedroom. One of the largest threats facing the Earth today is mass consumerism. The more we buy, the more natural resources are used and the more toxins are emitted during manufacturing. However, small changes can make a big difference:

7. Reduce the amount of “stuff” you need to live comfortably. The fewer products you buy and the less energy you use, the fewer toxins are emitted and natural resources can be harvested for manufacturing. A simple choice is updating light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs, available at most major retailers.

8. Reuse what you already have. Don't make the common mistake of throwing out perfectly good items to replace them with organic alternatives. The better choice is to use and reuse items you already own until they are worn out. Or you could donate them to a local charity. Once you need to replace items, make the change with organic products for a green choice.

9. Recycle not only your household waste, but also everything in your home. You can do your part by turning the old into the new and keeping reusable items out of landfills. Buying second-hand furniture, cutting old bed linens and clothing into cleaning rags, and turning shoe boxes into closet or under-bed storage are great ways to recycle.