Redecorating your bedroom completely

If your bedroom doesn’t offer you a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then now’s the time to transform it.

The time and money you invest now will definitely pay off in big dividends in your future. Your bedroom redecorating project might just mean that you’ll find yourself a little happier, a bit more joyful and most importantly, at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Decorating your master bedroom is probably more fun than decorating any other room in your home. As this is the only place which truly shines up your personality.

And for the redecoration start with three easy steps:

1. First start making a list of things that you feel u will be doing in this private heaven of yours for example: it may be reading a book, watching television, knitting or making plans for a vacation abroad, etc etc... Whatever the activity, it’s important to think through the specific things that will make you the happiest.

2. Look at your bedroom space with a critical eye. Can your bedroom accommodate all the activities you listed?.

3. As with most all decorating projects, one of your first priorities is locking in a color scheme. Color sets the stage and is truly the backdrop for all your furnishings, fabrics, accessories and lighting.

Make Color Considerations

* Use color unequally for better proportion and balance. While this sounds like a complete contradiction, it truly works. Consider a deeper, more dramatic hue to create an accent wall behind your bed. Then, by coloring your adjoining walls in a lighter shade of the same color, you’ve created a more visually interesting space.

* Use lighter shades as it creates an illusion of spacy rooms. Paler shades naturally reflect light rays instead of absorbing them. A lighter color palette would be particularly important if your bedroom isn’t quite as large as you’d like.

* Use bright, strong colors to create a warm, cozy feeling. If your bedroom is large and spacious and has very high ceilings, warmer colors will help “humanize” your space, making if feel more livable and welcoming.

* Pay attention to your room’s architectural features. If you wish to emphasize interesting architectural features, enhance them with stronger contrasting colors. And, conversely, if your desire is to camouflage architectural defects, then a more neutral paint color of the same tonal value will help blend your walls, ceiling and floors and hide those unhappy features.

Light Up Your New Room

Lighting plays a very important role in room decoration especially after you have decided the colors for it using natural and artificial lighting to enhance the positives of room is very important.

It is recommended to take stock of how much natural light is entering the room, and for how long a period of time. If the room is bathed in sunny natural light, Its recommended working with a cooler color scheme. And conversely, if a room doesn’t enjoy a lot of natural light, a warmer color palette will help eliminate a feeling of coldness."

Bring in Fabulous Furnishings

Bedding ensembles come in a variety of sizes and designs. From the uniquely custom-designed, outline-quilted bedspreads, to the sophisticated and luxurious duvet covers, your bedding ensemble should definitely take center stage. No bedding ensemble is complete without multiple pillow shams and decorative accent pillows.

Incorporating a custom-designed window treatment, will help your windows take center stage. Once you’ve determined privacy and room darkening needs, the design possibilities are only limited by a decorator’s creativity.

Uncover the Possibilities

Uncovering the possibilities as you begin redecorating your master bedroom is an exciting undertaking, when you plan ahead, and focus on making wise choices along the way. Remember, you spend more time in your home than anyone else. So be sure your ultimate decorating choices reflect your personality and your unique sense of style. Sweet dreams.