In arranging flowers for your home décor, the creativity comes from using unusual objects with the flowers or unusual vases to hold the flowers.

Here’s how you go about..

1. Cut the flowers under running water for longer lasting blooms.

2. Don’t crowd the vase with flowers. They need room to breathe and the water needs air to prevent mold.

3. The flowers should look nice from all angles. You can see the flowers from all sides when it is in the middle of a table. Turn the vase around several times when making the arrangement.

Now the fun begins. These are some ideas to create unusual floral arrangements.

 1. Use a clear glass container for the vase. Fill the glass container ¾ full with marbles before adding the water or the flowers. The marbles will help the flowers stand up, so you don’t have to fill the vase opening completely full. Glass containers can be canning jars, drinking glass, water pitcher or cocktail shaker. Objects inside the vase can be buttons, beads, glass globs, pennies, rocks or seashells. Fruit can also be used to fill the vase. They will last about as long as the flowers. You can use fresh cranberries, lemon slices, lime slices, orange slices. Please don’t eat the fruit.

2. Use a clear vase that has an opening about the same size of the bottom. A block type vase will work best. Cut the flowers the same height as the vase. Put the flowers in the vase. Fill with water to just below the flower covering the stem and leaves.

Use food coloring to accent the water. Only use a small amount so that the water doesn’t become too cloudy. If the water is too cloudy, you won’t see the leaves. Try using yellow or green for the best results.

Put some small object in the bottom to create an aquarium look. A fish bowl would be good for this idea.

3. Grow grass in a flat flowerpot. Add fresh cut flowers throughout the grass. Change the flowers as they dye.

Use long and narrow flat pots for this to line a wall. This can give you a flower garden inside.  This would also be great for flowerboxes that don’t get enough sunlight to grow flowers.