Tips on watering your Garden Container

Every home deserves to have some greenery, even if you don’t have a yard or lawn. You can make a garden using pots or containers and have your very own garden container. Its easier to manage because of no grass, less plants and just few things to take care of just like a real garden.

You will need to maintain it by giving your plants proper sunshine and water to ensure the health of your plants.

To ensure a successful container garden, you must be sure to that you have prepared it properly so that maintenance will be a less tiring. we give yo the tips on watering your garden container successfully.

Choose the appropriate plants to place in your garden container.if its near a window choose the plants that grow in ample sunlight. Follow the instruction of the plants when you purchase it at the nursery or garden supply store. Consider also your lifestyle. If you travel a lot or you live in a very hot or humid climate, you’ll need plants that don’t require as much water or are water tolerant.

Choose the appropriate pot for the plants. Keep in mind that the bigger the pot, the better it will be able to hold water. Therefore you’ll need to water less frequently. If you decide to go with hanging pots, remember that you’ll have to water the plants in these pots more frequently since hanging pots don’t have the ability to retain much water.

Place some stones, rocks or other sold material at the base of the pot before you place the planting soil and the plant. This will prevent your plants from being waterlogged.

Use moisture absorbing soil in your potting mix, this can be purchased in garden supply stores.There are gardening crystals available, which absorb water and slowly release it in the soil.

Check the soil before you water. If you notice it’s still damp, there should be no need to water. If you notice the top soil looking dry and flakey, then it’s time to water the plant. Also, it’s best to water early in the day, before 10AM or late in the afternoon after 4PM. If you water your plants midday, most of the water will be lost and wasted to evaporation. Depending on your climate and the season of the year, most plants only need to be watered every two to three days.

You can use a watering can or a small cup when watering your container garden. There’s no need for a hose since you’ll only need a little bit of water.

Direct the water on the roots and base of the plant. Put enough water so that the soil gets a good soaking, but not that it’s flooded. You should see some water coming out of the pot drain hole. if you water your plants properly, you’ll have a thriving container garden in no time!