Trimming of trees and shrubs

We all know that trees and plants grow and just like hair we need to trim them time and again for their proper growth. One of the most suitable tools for trimming formal hedges is a good pair of garden shears or an electric trimmer.

Some informal hedges don't generally need regular trimming but is it would be wise to prune any straggly trees and shrubs with a sharp pair of secateurs.

This can make the hedge look soft and natural but care should be taken when trimming the flowering hedges. When they are trimmed its observed often they would produce very little blooms. Evergreens and conifers such as acuba, laurel and rhododendron which have large leaves can be best trimmed with using secateurs because the cuts are made directly on the wood.The trees on the other hand don't need regular pruning as most of the trees should be allowed to grow in their natural shape.

However we should prune its dead and diseased branches during the winter season and even the branch that crosses over the trunk of other tree branches. The snags which are partly standing or are completely dead should not be left after the branches are cut off as they might encourage diseases to enter the trees. Some large cuts must also be made smooth using a pruning knife and should also be painted with bituminous paint to keep away diseases from entering the trees. Moreover the pruning of ornamented plums, cherries and peaches is often best carried out during their growing season soon after they flower which is probably during the months of June to August. During this time of the year the cuts heal quite soon and there is less likelihood of the trees and shrubs being infected by silverleaf or fungal disease.

The trees and shrubs which hare grafted often face problems with rootstock suckers which might generally emerge either from below he ground or sometimes from the trunk of the tree below the grafted union. Therefore these should be immediately cut back from the point of origin. Moreover trimming of the hedge before fall or winter months can also mean that the new growth would take place only when spring flowering the shrubs. The sides of hedge must also be trimmed at light angels so that it remains wider at the base and also condensed at the top.