Varieties in modular kitchen

Kitchens are no longer just a functional domain today. With changing times the new age multi- tasking lady of the home wants to enjoy cooking, while wanting to connect with family and friends too at the same.

Today’s Modular Kitchen brands understand the need of the multi tasking lady. Modular Kitchens are fast becoming an integral part of home. Modular kitchens offer convenience, aesthetics and optimum space utilization, which helps the lady of the house in tackling her cooking chores with less work.

To cater to this need , brands like Poggenpohl, Alno, Electrolux, H & R Johnson, Sleek Kitchens, Hafele, Ebco, Kitchen World, Donnarossi, Godrej Interio to name a few are leaving no stone unturned in coming out with smart, sleek and easy to maintain designs.

Island Kitchen:

Since kitchens in today’s world are gaining importance as social zones concept of island kitchens have become very popular. Island kitchens add extra work space and lend a decorative spin to a purely functional kitchen. The island can be as simple as a small table or as a custom build , Electrified, plumbed and tilled cooking centre. This counter apart from its functional utility can also be used for quick meals.

Brands like Alno, Electrolux, Poggenpohl and Sleek Kitchens have islands as simple as a table with open legs or designs with decorative touches, making an island a focal point in the kitchen. Some options have elaborate custom-built pieces of fine cabinetry, including sink, granite counters, a cook top, and cabinets for storage. Some options also include a dishwasher and an oven.

The simplest and most common kitchen island has a single surface, like a tabletop. But a multi-level island can incorporate both food preparation and eating areas, wine racks, cookbook shelves, bar sinks, deep fryers, and other amenities. A step-down or step –up surface adds interest and separate work areas.

Portable Island:

Portable Island offers versatility and convenience to a kitchen. It can be a freestanding or rolling worktable. Often a Portable Island has a steel, tile, or wood countertop. But you can have one custom-built to blend with your cabinetry.

Gallery Kitchens:

One of the simplest layouts for a kitchen is Gallery Kitchens, where all important areas are next to each other. Here all the storage is below the worktop. This layout is preferable for a compact home.

Two -Way Gallery Kitchens:

Two way gallery kitchens provide a lot more storage space below the worktop and will also usually have a better layout than a single gallery kitchen. Whereas in a single Gallery Kitchen the distance between cupboards are reasonably big , in a two way gallery they are just behind you, so you have to walk less. The two way gallery makes the layout of your kitchen more compact. One of the most important aspects here is space planning. There should be enough space to moe around so that you don’t keep on bumping into cupboards or islands while working around and if this space between two galleries isn’t big enough consider to reshape your kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen:

This type of kitchen will provide with lots of space as in workspace and storage on worktops and below it. Also the walking distance between the main zones in your kitchen will be minimized. This format will also give on corner of your kitchen free to be used as a dinning corner.

U-Shaped Kitchen:

This format of kitchen also provides with ample amount of work and storage space. However this form can become a bit of an enclosing space if the wall cupboards run all around the room. Also the floor area will be a lot less as compared to any other shapeof kitchen. If this type of kitchen is used in a big room then one of its leg can be used as breakfast bar.

Breakfast Cum Work Counter:

Modern day kitchens demand for a breakfast cum work counter. A quick bite with work is the new concept and much easier to manage than 2 different rooms. Also most of new concepts of kitchens do revolve around this ideas as there is a space crunch and and it suits to modern working women who does a lot of multi tasking these days. But in this concept streamlining your areas of cooking , serving & washing is important. Don’t put dining table in the centre , as it disrupts the movement every time you access the cooking or the utility areas.