Decorate with big ideas for small rooms

Always thought of decorating your favourite spaces in a way that it looks as per your taste???Decorating a small room is one of the biggest challenges many families have in their homes today.

And to add to it the budget also affects your choices and hence making a small room work for your loved ones can be frustrating and confusing.

Here are some great low budget ways to simply transform your small rooms no matter what your budget!

First of all, Let go off the idea of making room look large. After all, what's so great about large rooms? Maybe you want your living room to be comforting, and to wrap people with warmth when they enter. Or your bath to be charming, filled with personality everywhere you look! So don't be so quick to assume bigger is always might just be creating a problem where there is none!

Use of warm colors will add warmth to your small room which you wish to make cozy. Drape the windows with fabric, and add throw blankets and pillows to cozy up with. You can buy inexpensive muslin and twist and swag it over a curtain rod for a casual but stunning frame to your windows. Buy flat sheets and sew up pillow covers, and make throws from fleece fabric from the craft store. Make your room cozy deliberately, and its special style will show through, not the size of the room.

Reducing the clutter in a small room is the number one  problem within small spaces, and also the fastest to fix. And to start with take a box and remove all clutter from the room. Move out accessories, pillows, everything! Now bring things back one at a time, and stop when it's perfect. The key here is restraint!

Use large scale items in a small room. Now traditional rules about scale in a room would lead you to believe a small room needs small scale furniture, but the opposite is true. Using just a few larger scale pieces reduces clutter and gives the eye a smoother trip across the room. The same goes for artwork! If you are trying to make a room look larger, go for one large print on the wall, or hang a decorative rug, instead of small collections.

A simple tip to make rooms look larger? Keep your windows and slick surfaces sparkling clean! Believe it or not, the reflection of clean will make a room look brighter, fresher and larger. Try it!

Painting just one focal wall a rich deep color will add depth to your room. And paint other walls as paler shades of the accent wall or white, and these wall will appear to fall away. Also keep in mind that cooler colors such as greens and blues tend to recede from the eye, while warmer colors such as reds and yellows seem to close in a room.

Finally, remember to use as many double duty items in the room as possible to reduce clutter. A chest of drawers can hold a tv, and store all your magazines and games, a futon sofa can double as a guest room, and a pine chest makes a great coffee table, while storing extra linens! Remember, it’s not the size of the room, it’s the size of the heart who creates the room. Let yours show through with personality and creativity, not cash!