Small Houses & 10 tips

All of us are really small space lovers. Also the flats available today are quite small so we are left with limited choices in terms of space. Why? Because we are drawn to the warmth and buzz of urban life. We long to be close to one another and feel the rhythm of the streets.

We want to be right on top of it all, close to our friends, near the energy. If anything, we want a view, we want sunlight, and we want location. Space we are willing to give away.But due to space crunch because we are all both high and low -- forced to be creative when building our sweet homes in small flats.

Here then, is our starter list for our fellow cliff dwellers. Feel free to add your own.

1. Remove your interior doors (i.e if you have doors for your kitchen) use curtains instead. Not only will iut give you feel of space it will also become an artificial partition.

2. Replace your big refrigerator with a smaller, undercounter model. It’s more than enough room.

3. Treat yourself to a really good, sturdy small vacuum.

4. Use track lighting aimed at walls to free up floor space and create an expansive feeling.

5. Placing lighting inside closets  will help you so you see what’s in there and they will be easier to maintain and you will gain the feeling of more space.

6. Try getting maximum natural light and for it keep your windows clean so that more light comes in and your view is not blocked.

7. Buy quality cookware, tableware, and linens. Small luxuries, such as table top fountains, go a long way.

8. Go wireless, transfer all your music to your computer and get rid of your cd’s.

9. Use full spectrum light bulbs to energize and enliven your home.

10. Have lots of dinner parties. People actually socialize better in small spaces. And, as an added bonus, apartment dwellers who entertain take better care of their homes.