From Small to Spacious

Decorating and furnishing a small apartment or studio can be challenging, but when done correctly your small spaces will look and feel more spacious..

Try these suggestions for creating space.


When selecting furniture for your small space choose smaller pieces that have a more open design.This type of furniture helps in creating an illusion of space in room.
Select a sofa & chairs which has exposed legs (like wrought iron) and a small round glass top coffee table rather than would be a better choice than, a large sofa with hidden legs, love seat, and a large solid wood coffee table.

Arrangements and Traffic Flow

When arranging your furniture be aware of traffic patterns, all traffic should flow uninterrupted through your room. In a living room start with the sofa or love seat. When arranging your furniture start with the largest piece on the largest wall and facing your focal point. Then create a conversation area. Place a side chair on each side of the Love seat and place your coffee table where it can be reached from all three sitting places.

Accessories and Patterns

Accessorising small space is an art. Remember, less is more if you want to create that open feeling. Mirrors and shiny reflective accessories help create the illusion of more space.  Larger patterns should be limited to pillows and smaller accessories rather than a large sofa or love seat.


When choosing color schemes, select soft and monochromatic colors.
Use the same or similar colors for your large pieces of furniture and your walls and keep your ceiling lighter than the rest of the room.  See Color and Proportions


Use a soft even light and eliminate shadows which tend to slice a room up into smaller spaces. Incandescent lighting will also soften a room. Avoid ceiling lighting this will visually lower your ceiling.


Keep your apartment simple and clean. If you don't need it throw it out! Clutter free - Stress-free!  Less is more