Use Mirrors To Open Up Smaller Spaces

Mirrors are great for creating an illusion of space and are an affordable and easy way to open up a room or hallway.The best thing is mirrors reflect light which if placed intelligently can create an illusion of large space.

They also make rooms appear brighter as they reflect light. We give you some tips to make your small room  look expanded up in space with help of mirrors

Place mirrors on the sides in narrow hallways to make them less claustrophobic. if you have a wall just in front of the entrance then placing a mirror here opens this up.

Investing in good mirror and its frame is wise as it adds to the décor of your room .It can be a great feature as well so consider investing in a really classy mirror and frame that stands out and complements the rest of the home décor.

Use mirrors in bathrooms, you can be liberal here especially if the room is small.

Make sure you place mirrors in usable heights. It can be quite frustrating and cumbersome if you are forced to bend or jump just to use a mirror.

Finally placement of mirror should be in such a way that it reflects light as its main use is to crate an illusion of space in small rooms.  Also the lighting should be taken care of when placing a mirror as it will help in increasing the brightness of the room.