Athena's Contemporary Eco Architecture

Eco Architecture

Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to a structure using a process.

That is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient, throughout a building's life-cycle: from site to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

DESIGN ATELIER, the brain behind ‘Athena’ commercial complex and a group of qualified Architects’ cum Designers, states,“We want to leave good footprint on earth. We want to work with a thoughtful integrity and a contemporary sensibility because we want our buildings to be loved today and last long.”


The structure appeared in all its shape and design by October 2010. It’s a corporate building for Chimes group. The building exterior contains a massive logo of Chimes group at a height of more than 50ft. from ground. The buildings exterior is defined and position to best leverage on the natural elements. Reflected natural light from the North faces and illuminates interior spaces without heat gain. Solar facades located on Western and South-East reduce heat gain and bring in a wholesome deep penetrating illumination through gibbon windows set high on the facade. The structure uses solar brightness during the day to reduce electrical lights usage thus reducing the pay load too.

The entire project contains six floors and a stilt floor. The stilt floor has a reception and waiting on one side and the cafeteria on the other side. In the centre is the heart and soul of this building, a C-shaped water body – the reflection pool. It’s a landscape designed for reflection and circulation of light energy in the building body. The sixth floor is the corporate office of the chimes group.

Brilliant Brown Interiors

Brilliant browns are used in cabins in combination with flooring of brown tiles.  A touch of green with upholstery and doors brings colors of nature inside. Fabulous use of wood is done in furniture a ceiling and lights are induced with creativity and directional need. Low height table running all along the wall with book storage below it is created in wooden battens. On the ground floor, beautiful features are created on the glass panels as the photograph speaks. These fully glazed glass panels are itched with fossil shape leaf scattered in the central part that is eye level.

The conference rooms are played around with having glazed panels on the three sides. And the exterior is outside is fabulously adminstered with planters, pebbles and pots. Circulation area cladding is done with tiles and rest area is covered with pebbles and pots are placed symmetrically with similar plant species.

One set have one type of planters only. Overall 'Athena'  is an icon of smart harnessing of Eco-Energy, Movement, Design philosophy, Creativity and sensibility of Architects. DESIGN SPEAKS: Beauty lies in the soul of building with the elements of universe.