‘Uravu’- The proponent of Green Home Décor

When Global warming is  on a march forward, it becomes our duty to become more observant when we décor our home. In this age of global warming ,Home décor becomes  bit a difficult task, especially to employ  eco friendly approach for our homes. The materials which we use, and the way we do up our home matters a lot for the environment.

When we think of  doing up a great Eco-decor for our homes, we tend to miss on the aesthetics due to scarcity of “Green Décor” materials. This where Uravu comes in. ‘Uravu Indigenous Science & Technology Study Centre’, a  Non Governmental Organization has a solution to your home décor concerns. An initiative taken by a collective friends in 1966 in Wayanand district of kerala with sheer intention of helping people who are in search of alternative ways of living, meaningful social practices, sustainable political and economic interventions for social well-being. It is with this vision that Uravu initiated its activities for revitalizing the traditional bamboo craft.

‘Uravu’- The proponent of Green Home Décor

Since its inception, social movements such as Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad and PPST as well as inspiring individuals like Vinoo Kaley, “the bamboo man of India,” suggested the direction for the activities of Uravu. With a cluster of 20 micro enterprises and around 150 artisans work for Uravu  to design magic out of Bamboo. Uravu manufactures a wide range of home products and accessories– Bamboo Blinds; desktop stationeries, decorative items Lamps and Lampshades, kitchenware etc. Along with professional designers from design institutes such as NID, AIACA, IIT Uravu In house designers and artisans develop eco friendly products for the organization

Among home decor items, Bamboo Blinds sell like hot cakes. Bamboo blinds is the most popular accessory  in home décor portfolio manufactured by Uravu. There are around 12 different models of roll up bamboo blinds that Uravu makes, using a combination of flat and round slivers, in natural or color-dyed shades. Bamboo blinds for exteriors are usually painted in customized colors. Uravu has also developed a vertical blind with loom-woven bamboo mat which can be an eco-friendly substitute for venetian blinds.

Uravu, besides preparing their own products also engages in customizing décor designs as per users individual requirements too. Even if not for a complete makeover, one would love to visit Uravu just to get a dash of eco friendly products for their home.