Handicrafts for Home Decor

India's expansive cultural heritage reflects best in its handicrafts. Handicraft artifacts vary as per the regions, from north to south and from east to west. Centuries old temples and civilizations are founded in India with a unique sample of handicraft reflecting artistic beauty.

 Deriving inspiration from this rich culture we use the statues and sculptures as home decor items. Here we are going to take a look at this diversity and how it can be incorporated in home décor.

Handicrafts are designed from the cultural inspiration and are ideal for your home décor purpose, what more they are cost effective too. You can look out for wide range of Indian handicrafts in any Indian market to buy from.

Indian Themed Paintings:

Indian paintings are gaining in momentum for home décor. It is widely recognized fact that Indian painters and artisans are amongst the best artistes the world over. The rich cultural history and diversity of Indians has led to exemplary growth of Indian arts and Indian paintings You need to understand the theme of your room and the mood to bring out the best in Decor for your home space, also its prudent to employ paintings which reflects your interests i.e. Musical, Floral, Historical, etc.

Indian themed Vase:

If you like decorating your house with floral elements then hand painted and hand crafted wooden, porcelain or clay vases offer the attractive options for floral decor. These wooden and clay vases are perfect holsters for any kind of flower arrangements, and complements the home decor nicely. Indian themed vases come in various designs, models and shapes, use it to spruce up your home decor.

Indian Themed Wall Hangings:

Indian culture comprises of wide array of arts that look elegant and awesome at the same time. Wall hangings can be created by using the famous Indian mat art. In addition to it, there are various types of paintings and Wall hangers like glass work, clay miniatures and cloth sewing paintings. These are common Indian handicrafts and furniture used in the decoration of a room.


Lets not Limit handicrafts to wall hangs ,or vases or paintings……there’s lot  more in store yet to come…… Just watch this space.