Moroccan theme décor

Now a days as compared to earlier we have seen a trend where entire homes are decorated as per the themes as we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to express ourselves through the way we decorate our homes. The search has led to North Africa. Spun out of the success of Santa Fe and Southwestern styling, Moroccan decorating is a hot item in America.

It is perhaps too early to tell about permanence but, similarities with other long standing design successes such as Mediterranean, Tuscan, Mexican Colonial, and Southwestern tend to indicate Moroccan decorating in its present form or deviation, should be with us for an extended visit.

Here we are telling you a little more about Moroccan theme as to why this form of décor is gaining popularity???Moroccan home style Morocco really is an intricate mosaic. At the bridgehead of Europe and Africa and the crossroads where east fades into west, exotic, mysterious Morocco is uncovered in its design and decoration.

Moroccan décor

In case you are in need of stimulation to delve into the possibilities Moroccan decorating offers, pause upon names of such locales as Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat and Marrakesh to arouse some imagery. Get ready for rich vibrant colors. Prepare for excess. Plan to submit to the intrigue of the styles and cultures.

Moroccan styles of décor includes a lot of Terracotta patterns long on coastal seas, backed into desert and baked under a relentless sun, Moroccans take inspiration from the colors their geography provides.

As its location the décor also has hot, vibrant oranges and reds are refreshed by deep blues and sparkling greens of the sea. Ochre Mountain ranges silvery moonlit desert-scapes and golden sands. It’s the colors in plenty as you’ve never used before.

Deep blue for example isn’t reserved for accents. It can provide the dramatic backdrop for an entire room arrangement of darkened wood furnishings, terra cotta tile, and accenting multi-colored oriental rugs. Adornments of jewel-like glass works, bold patterned fabrics in sea and sand inspired colors draped from the walls and for oversized pillows.

Texture décor

Be prepared for excess and lots of texture:

The materials and methods used in Moroccan decorating are an art from the ages. Modern design lines and high tech production techniques don’t apply here. Very few smooth, sleek materials figure in the mix. The blending of a multitude of textures and shapes is captivating.

However you can play a little if you don’t like the splash of hot colors in one room you can tone down the drama of the first room by switching to highly textured, white washed walls in the next. Darkened wood plank floors layered with sand tone, natural fiber Berber area rugs add texture and calm under foot. For a sense of the dramatic, try draping fabric from the ceiling this time.

While you’re going strong, why not some gold and sea foam green upholstery. Add hallmark mosaics and vibrant orange/red artwork in intricately carved wood and camel bone frames to the walls. Instead of regular pots try using huge woven baskets for exotic plants and flower arrangements upon collections of smooth sun bleached stones to complete this look.

Need more materials for inspiration Forget your old coffee tables instead use colorful mosaic tables to brighten a room. Hand carved wood and camel bone lamps and lanterns are famed. Find interesting burnished metallic works of art to adorn a barren wall. Assortments of metallic ribbon brocades can be used on walls, floors or furnishings. Jewel toned silks; influenced by interior design ideas of Indian homes, make great throws or covering for massive pillows.

If some renovation work is involved in your make-over, install faux stone pillars in openings and design mosque tower shapes into interior design bulkheads. Arch some entry ways and where possible replace some interior doors with wrought iron banisters and gates. Don’t forget about the power of scent. Cachets of cinnamon, nutmeg and exotic spices can whisk the mind to the markets of Marrakesh.

There are many Morocco’s. Much of the Mediterranean north coast and particularly Spain has been Moorish influenced. Look here to uncover familiar elements such as wrought iron grill work, tiles and teas. Apply them without fear in your own adaptations of Moroccan stylings. The south of France and Tuscany offer other resources to loan back to their Moroccan source.