Blank Wall Solutions

Blank walls are so boring to view. It does make your room look big but they steal away the warmth of a home.We give you some tips or the solutions where you can get rid of this plain walls and add spice and life to your living room as this is the place which gives the first impression about you to the world for whom you open doors to welcome in.

Go Antiquing

Take antique works and frame them into one-of-a-kind artwork. Consider classic finds such as quilts, vintage cross-stitch, or watercolors to add a unique flair to your walls.the best way to decorate your wall in minimum expense and also stylish.

Hanging Wallpaper

Be a little innovative by making use of wallpaper and applying it to less permanent use by hanging in as vertical artwork. Anchor the top and bottom to small rods then use ribbon to hang it in place.

Dress Up the Staircase

If you have a staircase running upwards then you can create an organized collage of images going up your main staircase. For a clean and sophisticated look, choose three or four types of frames that complement each other. Then use paper to organize the placement of each frame.

Second Chance Hankies

Using inexpensive record frames creates a lovely display of delicate vintage handkerchiefs.

Plywood Perfection

Mind blowing option to use where you can cover your plain walls with large sheets of plywood. Then add a collage of frames in various sizes to complete the look. Also you can add other artworks be it frames or family portraits etc., be as creative as much you can.

A Mini Art Gallery

Turn your walls into an art gallery of your very own. Hang your prized pieces in large, ornate frames to inspire your creativity.And for this you can choose your pics from your lives which are precious moments and frame it in stylish vintage iron frames to add that vintage look to it.

Fabric Art

If you are interested in fabric painting you are going to love this.Design your favorite artwork  on a piece of fabric & frame it stylishly. Draw simple shapes like flowers or just modern art also will be great for a personalized look for your walls.

Frame It

Coordinate your walls with your window treatments by framing a piece of fabric. Then hang art within. You can also create a custom bulletin board using this method. Just wrap the cork in fabric, frame it, and voila -- the perfect spot for notes.

Vintage Posters

For a classic country look, search local flea markets for vintage posters . For a simple framing technique, use poster hangers that allow it to slide into the frame and hang by a ribbon.

Simple and Sophisticated

Perfect for a dining room or formal foyer, classic black-and-white sketches of famous landmarks hang in simple frames surrounded by black and gray mats. To polish the look, the frames were placed in a grid around a unique mirror.

Easy Artwork

Spur your own creative juices to make simple canvas masterpieces to hang in a grid. Or buy the stuff that is in fabric for ex. Bandhani, batik etc add applique and decorate it and stylishly [place it on your boring looking walls to add a zing to it. To highlight it choose more of bold colors.

Pack It In

Fill a blank wall with a tight arrangement of unique artwork. To keep the wall from looking cluttered, make sure the artwork has a similar feel like these paintings.

Simply Monochromatic

To add color to a white wall, hang a large monochromatic canvas. You can even create this look yourself using acrylic paint and simple art skills.

Go Big

Cover an entire while with large framed art. To create this dramatic look, stick to matching frames and artwork with similar tones as seen in this formal living room.