Effective Vastu tips to balance your home energies

Vaastu Tips for Career 2

Vastu Tips for Career

  • If your business is home based then paint your mail box with eye catching and bright color as per your birth chart as this will bring more business through mail.

  • If you have office at home then office files/ books / ledgers should be moved out of there corners every year and should be given a wipe to remove accumulated negative energy as this can effect the home environment as well.
  • Plants & trees which bring energy to your home

    Plants & trees which bring energy to your home

    • Tulsi or Basil plant is most powerful and auspicious plant.

    • Tulsi can be grown at the front or the back of the house.

    • The Indore plant should be located in the North, East and North-east of the house.

    • Do not keep any plant in the bed room as they exhale carbon dioxide at night which can cause breathing problems.
    • Sign Board

      Sign board and main door According to Vastu and Numerology

      • What is the scientific explanation of numerology?

      • How does universal energy attract numbers?

      • How do numbers work for a person’s growth and happiness?

      • What are the numbers that generate energy on a person’s aura?
      • Health & Vaastu

        Health & Vastu part 1

        • Kitchen in North West causes breathing problems.

        • Kidney problems , Gol bladder stones is due to Toilet in the South East.

        • Do not live near high voltage transmission towers as the energies of high tension wire can be dangerous to your physical and mental health.
        • Vaastu and Health

          Health & Vaastu part 2

          • Grow Tulsi /Basil infront of the house an for good health and lit a diya of ghee everyday.

          • Never place bed head in the north otherwise it wll cause major health problems.

          • While eating one should not face bathroom or this will cause sickness.
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