Painting and Vastu

Ever wondered what to buy whenever you visit any art gallery or an exhibition?

So much to pick up that it leads to confusion as what is the ideal piece to décor that favorite wall of yours or just enhance your blank, dull walls of a home. Interested in Paintings….a world through which an artist sketches his thought on canvas which reflects personality of the home owner….. Why not get the dual benefit or aesthetic and earth energy.

As per Vastu there are some guidelines that if followed will accentuate the positive vibration of your home.  So, what are the elements that should be looked for or avoided. Symbols like Swastik, Om, Rangoli, Lamps etc. exudes a positive influences on the house. It brings a warmth to your home. Try keeping warm, or soft colored paintings as they help uplift, brighten the mood, are pleasing to the eyes and gives a soothing effect.

One should avoid paintings depicting depressing, lonely, and upsetting emotions also paintings of the animals like pigs, snake and birds like eagle, owl, crow, pigeons, and vultures should not be placed at home. As these type of picture will either permeate anger or aggression in atmosphere and  are also disturbing to senses as per Vastu. Similar goes with paintings depicting sorrow, weeping or people in tears and war portrait of Ramayana or Mahabharta.

Furthermore pictures or paintings to be avoided in home décor are masked portraits, stone or wooden statues of terrifying giants or demons (depicting anger or even a form of magic). This is something one should avoid keeping in their home as they bring imbalance to the home energies. Paintings of wild beasts like tigers, lions, wolves, bears, jackals, and wild asses, hounds etc. also must be shunned. In the bedroom one should not put up any other picture other then their own photo / paintings. Pictures showing birds, or affectionate relations are ideal for any home as they bring relations & people closer.

About Rashmi Jha

After having done her Masters in Pscychology, Rashmi Jha Pursued the knowledge of Numerology & Vaastu. Rashmi Jha Practices Numerology since the past 6 years, and consults various top corporates and Indian Blue chip companies. For More Detail write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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