Vastu principles that help your children study better

 In Vastu there is a methodology to accentuate the concentration of your children, which in turn helps them in their studies. Detailed below are few Vastu principles to help children's excel in their studies. Implementing Vastu for children.

  • Keep your Book case clean and dust-free, as tardy Book cases tend to proliferate negative energies and imparts a staleness to the rooms. Book cases should be moved and tended to at least once in three months to ensure they are clean.
  • Avoid construction of the study rooms under the staircase as it portends negativity and could be an impediment in your child’s study.
  • Strong bright colors in study rooms cause hyperactivity or insomnia in children and leads to distractions, so use colors, paints that aids your children's mental faculty in studying.
  • Keep your study desk away from the window and ensure the Doors are not behind his study chair.
  • Crystals help in radiating positive energy so place crystals in the study room to enhance the child’s concentration.
  • Keep your study desk away from the window and ensure the Doors are not behind his study chair.
  • Let the study desk face North for positive vibrations.

About Rashmi Jha

After having done her Masters in Pscychology, Rashmi Jha Pursued the knowledge of Numerology & Vaastu. Rashmi Jha Practices Numerology since the past 6 years, and consults various top corporates and Indian Blue chip companies. For More Detail write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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