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Flower arrangements and decorating your home

Flower arrangements and decorating your home

Educate yourself on varieties of flower arrangements and greenery

Knowing the types of flower arrangements and greenery, their season, and the colors each is available in is your first step to decorating your home with flowers. Use a good flower encyclopedia for your research.

Choose flowers, colors, and styles that accent your home’s décor

Choose full-petalled focal flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums, or lilies and accent with baby’s breath or solidago (goldenrod). Arrange flowers loosely with a few stems of greenery in a glass or crystal vase.

Few ways to arrange your homes with flowers:


Try a watering can, basket, terra cotta pot, or small bucket and fill it with tulips, gerbera daisies, or dahlias for a fresh from the garden feel. Accenting with spray roses, columbines, or larkspur will add a wildflower look.


Choose flowers that make a bold statement with a single bloom, such as calla lilies, birds of paradise, or orchids. Your vase should be equally simple, yet bold. Use minimal flowers and little or no greenery to keep the focus on the individual blooms.


Create a dramatic arrangement with full, soft flowers, such as peonies, roses, and gardenias. Use draping greenery, such as ivy, and arrange flowers closely in a crystal vase or Grecian Urn.

Choose the appropriate flowers for the changing seasons

Many herbs, such as roses, are both available and appropriate year-round. Other flowers, however, have a specific season. For the perfect seasonal arrangement, choose the right flowers, colors, and accents:


Tulips and daffodils are favorite spring flowers and are often the staple of spring arrangements. Soft or bright colored blooms are appropriate for spring arrangements.

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Sunflowers and dahlias are favorite summer flowers that can be included in any summer arrangement. Bright or vibrant colored blooms will enhance your summer arrangements.


Golden or rusty-orange hued flowers are ideal for autumn arrangements. Chrysanthemums or red-dyed sunflowers, accented with autumn leaves, will make the perfect autumn arrangement.


Amaryllis is a winter-blooming flower that comes in red and white and will be a stunning addition to any winter arrangement. Accent your winter arrangements with holly, ivy, or stems of pine.

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