Vastu Shastra

The ancient Indian science of earth elements and structural energy for harmonious living.

vastu of Clocks

How to Clock it right with Vastu

The Clock is one of the most Important devices of all civilization. It is more than a simple gadget that we use to tell the exact time of day.

Vastu principles that help your children study better

Vastu principles that help your children study better

Contemporary Homes in India are mostly built on Vastu principles, for better mental agility and prosperity.


5 ways to use Vastu for positivity at home

Our Indian culture brims with vedic resources, that empowers us and our family to lead a peaceful and opulent life.


Vastu colors for your prosperity.

Vastu has a deep connection with human existence. It aims to create positive vibrations and Colors have a deeper vastu meaning.

vastu for paintings

Check Vastu for Paintings before you buy one.

Buy Paintings on the lines of Vastu to reflects aesthetics and grab some wholesome positive energy for your home.


Discover Viva- Kerala’s Ayurvedic Backwater Resort

Discover Viva, an Ayurveda resort on the backwaters of Kerala, which uses a blend of Vedic architecture and Ayurveda to rejuvenate you.

directions according to vastu for happy relationships

Directions according to Vastu for Happy Relationships

In nature all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in balance. We have to discover how we can align ourselves with these elements.

Vastu for Career Growth

Vastu Guidelines for Career

The progress of human life is governed by the planets position and Earth’s energy flow. We can align the natural forces using Vastu to grow our career or business prospects.


Vastu plants & trees that energize your homes

Tulsi or Basil plant is most powerful and auspicious plant. The indoor plants should be located in the North, East and North-east of the house.


Some Vastu health tips for you and your family

As per Vastu, if your Kitchen is in the North-West then this could cause breathing problems.