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Vastu colors for your prosperity.

Vastu colors for your prosperity.

Vastu Colors create harmony as per the directions. Vastu is connected with humans on four planes of existence. Employ the right usage of vastu colors, to improve your harmony quotient. It’s good to be careful and not to use opposing colors for contradicting effects. Be it your office or Home; colors create a considerable impact.

Colors and their directions:

  1. East

    The Sun colors rule EAST, so correct colors are Red, Orange, Brown are dominant.

  2. West

    Saturn, whose color is Blue represents WEST.

  3. North

    Mercury rules NORTH with Green color.

  4. South

    Mars governs SOUTH and the colors for this direction are Red and Pink.

  5. North-East

    Jupiter represents NORTH-EAST; thus the governing color is Yellow with Golden hues.

  6. North-West

    NORTH-WEST is harmonious with White and Pearl.

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  7. South-West

    Rahu rules SOUTHWEST. The suitable vastu color here is Blue.

  8. South-East

    Venus effects SOUTH-EAST. Colors preferred in this section is either White or Silver.

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