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Vastu Guidelines for Career

Vastu Guidelines for Career

Vastu for Career Growth
  1. To gain good luck in the competition, interviews and promotion at work keep your northeast corner of home clutter free as this is the corner of energy.
  2. To invite good Career opportunities in your home, put a colorful and inviting mat at the front door if you are working from home then its better to put a rectangular desk for office because this shape provides peace, prosperity, and health.
  3. For career growth and success, you can put energized wish-fulfilling cow on your desk.
  4. At your office desk at home do not sit on a chair where your feet are pointed towards to door, as this is very inauspicious.
  5. For better concentration place working desk in a way that it faces East or North direction .because these directions are the source of energy.
  6. For mental clarity, you can put crystals on your working desk because glass has the capacity of absorbing the adverse effects.
  7. You should not place your desk/ chair under the beam; otherwise, you will be feeling stressed and heaviness all the time if you have no alternative then install the false ceiling.
  8. There should be no noise while opening the main door of the home as this disturbs the cash flow.


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