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Some Vastu health tips for you and your family

Some Vastu health tips for you and your family

Read how Vastu-Shastra helps in nourishing and curing your health issues.

  • If you have a continuous headache that may be because you are sleeping under the exposed beam, East sector of the premises should be clutter free for the longevity of the residents.
  • If you are staying near a factory or any high production generating propositions then using a metal wind chime can counter negative energy.
  • A heart attack can be avoided by not constructing stairs in the East direction. 
  • Diabetes can occur if your Eastern part is cluttered — Cook food facing East for keep calm. 
  • Using too many colors is not good for mental health.
  • Food cooked in a stove located beneath the toilet causes ill health.
  • If your kitchen is located in the North East and West is more open then
    East then frequent sickness is on the cards.
  • Regular maintenance of dining furniture brings good health and the chipped or broken brings the reverse effect.
  • The dining area must never get exposed to the Main Entrance of the house as it leads to sickness to the residents.
  • No room especially bedrooms should be built under the staircase as the person using it exposed to major sickness.
  • Play soothing music for the like ocean waves, falling of rain for calmness and avoiding stress and happy state of mind. The toilet in the Northeast brings high medical expenditure.

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