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Mathew Gosh Associates

Mathew Gosh Associates

Nisha Mathew Ghosh & Sumitro Ghosh

The work ethos of Mathew & Ghosh Architects Pvt Ltd states “At the core of this work is the desire to introspect and build a critical architecture that is rooted in its physio-social context, and simultaneously at another level to transcend context towards the abstract-universal.

The unbuilt or built object must reveal relationships between man and man, man and nature. We believe that the technology used must strive to express the dramatic possibilities inherent like material and its construction. Refined detailing of the concept is thus critical to the expression of it.” Weaving this thought of scientific relationship excellence, Mathew & Ghosh Architects Pvt Ltd have created architecture wonders.

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Firm name : Mathew & Ghosh Architects Pvt.Ltd
Principle Architecter : Nisha Mathew Ghosh & Sumitro Ghosh
Education : Nisha Mathew Ghosh : (B Arch) / Sumitro Ghosh : (B Arch).

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