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Symphony of Traditional Decor with Aesthetics

Symphony of Traditional Decor with Aesthetics

A part of the Mehfil-e-Aam

The challenge before Karan was to incorporate the look, feel, and ‘sense’ of a traditional Indian Haveli decor into a contemporary artistic apartment.

Concocting a cultural blend

Cultural Blend

Karan’s client Mr.Anand Thakore, a distinguished classical singer, had moved up to this beautiful residence in Sewri that looks across the mangrove swamps which is seasonally frequented by the flamingoes. “The decor of the residence had to exude an aura of art, music and cultural sophistication. Anandji expected the new home to carry the same customary essence and comfort that permeated his old home” comments Karan. Thus the interior decor had to embody the heritage and aesthetics to accommodate the expectations of his client.

Adding a dash of nostalgia


The entrance to the house is guarded by an auspicious 10th Century old Shiv statue, adorned with floating candles and diva. The door decor is from Jaipur, made up of the massive old impenetrable, intricately designed wooden block. The apartment, housed on the 21st Floor, presents a grand vista of the outside horizon. Thus the walls of the interiors were given a touch of sky blue color, imparting an illusion of seamless fusion with the skyline.

Living Room Skyline Blend

The living room decor is clutter free, with the wall panels espousing inherited artifacts. The wall panels were encrusted with an old fashion, bare, red brick look to impart the traditional Haveli attire along with the connective arches to every room.

The living room accessories and furniture encompass a traditional swing without its suspended rods converted into a deep seating, Wankhede furniture, a Patti bench and elephant seat inspired Gujarati seating with a center ballot. Accompanying the old fashioned wall panels and artifacts is a king size large, an ornate red mirror which creates a mirage of a more infinitely spacious and comfortable breathing living room.

The mirror illuminates the decor of the living room, naturally reducing the need for artificial lights.

Traditional Decor Artifacts

Before the interior traditional decor could be mapped out, Karan was handed the responsibility of integrating the old artifacts within the design. Every object carried with it a legacy and had to be positioned thoughtfully. “Anandji has a commendable fan following and occasionally holds a musical audience” observes Karan. So, the placement of the artifacts had to be strategic and subtle, appearing sublime, pertinent, and non-intrusive.

Mehfil-E-Aam, Guest Room and Traditional Decor

Live Mehfil

Adjacent to the living room on the immediate right is a mini reading area, rare housing collections of books and musicals, enclosed by glass doors with a built-in library that wraps the wall with asymmetrical shelves extending to the ceiling. The Study room compliments itself with a classic recliner chair with an Australian side table.
Adjoining the Study room is Mehfil-E-Aam (the music room). The traditional decor flooring of the music room was chosen post deliberating over 48 options of wooden finishes. Finally chosen was a wooden flooring set in a herringbone pattern that transitions from the reading room into the music room and continues imparting the vintage look and feels throughout.

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Glass doors guard the acoustically secured music room with soft ambient lighting that accentuates the order of the Mehfil’s and enhances the resonance of the recordings held by the patron.
Insulated against the outer world, in purple drapes is the guest room which is floored in wood and a classic table desk and chair that sits against the window. The Guest room gets it elegant look by a floor cushion wrapped in a barrier patchwork cover.

Energizing the Bedroom

The Sharp yellow bathed bedroom

The Bedroom is bathed in a sharp yellow color, brimming with positive energy. On entering the Bedroom, one gets the unmistakable feel of creativity at work. Also, it was Anandji’s long-held desire to dwell in yellow a submarine. Thus the Bedroom decor carries a very cozy encapsulated approach with minimal workspace area and furniture.

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