Post Masonry – Style 2


Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu-Shastra is the ancient science of harnessing the Earth and celestial energies for happiness and prosperity.

The Flower Decoration secrets you never knew.

Liven up your home ambiance by decorating it with flowers and potted plants.

No Yard No Problem – Shop for your Balcony Gardens

Not having a yard certainly doesn’t preclude anyone from having a garden. Maintaining such gardens is not just a décor element for houses; it has developed into severe hobbies of homemakers.

Connections, The Pune Design Festival 2015

Design Festivals recently are the most interesting happenings in India. ADI – Association of Designers of India has been created to forge a strong network of designer community across India.

vastu of Clocks

How to Clock it right with Vastu

The Clock is one of the most Important devices of all civilization. It is more than a simple gadget that we use to tell the exact time of day.

Vastu principles that help your children study better

Vastu principles that help your children study better

Contemporary Homes in India are mostly built on Vastu principles, for better mental agility and prosperity.


5 ways to use Vastu for positivity at home

Our Indian culture brims with vedic resources, that empowers us and our family to lead a peaceful and opulent life.


Vastu colors for your prosperity.

Vastu has a deep connection with human existence. It aims to create positive vibrations and Colors have a deeper vastu meaning.

luxury beds

Luxury Beds

The best way to relax is to get a good night’s sleep. And if you have the right mattress that helps you sleep while taking care of your health why not?.

‘Uravu’- The proponent of Green Home Décor

‘Uravu’- The proponent of Green Home Decor

Global warming is the biggest trend-setter, changing the way we decorate our homes. Eco-homes are in vogue. Uravu is leading the change with its rustic bamboo looking retreat.

Viya Home, Royal Luxury crafted in brass

India is a mix of diverse cultures. Viya Home meets the need for metro individuals to adorn their homes with traditional Magnifique brass artifacts.

vastu for paintings

Check Vastu for Paintings before you buy one.

Buy Paintings on the lines of Vastu to reflects aesthetics and grab some wholesome positive energy for your home.

Random in Tandem

‘Up- Chic, Up-urban, & Up-Fun’ design

Creativity is the engine which adds joie-de-vivre to your homes, and designing such bohemian products is Naqiya Yusuf, a globe trotter, décor aficionado proud owner of RIT (Random In Tandem) Naqiya shares her thought process and the evolution of RIT